Syncthing version

My current version of FreedomBox is 21.4.2 (which the FreedomBox itself says is “up to date” so I’m assuming that’s the latest version).

The version of SyncThing that it has is 1.0.0-ds1 . My main computer is running 1.17.0 . I didn’t manually install 1.17.0 to try to be bleeding edge or something, that’s what the package manager installed. Apparently, the version difference is now big enough that the two devices refuse to talk to each other anymore because the protocol on the FreedomBox is considered too old by my main computer, so it just refuses to communicate saying “server selected unsupported protocol version 303”

According to the version history, 1.0.0 goes all the way back to Jan 1, 2019 and there have been lots and lots of versions since then. Is there a version update for SyncThing planned for soon? I’ve been heavily using this application and it’s kind of disappointing that the FreedomBox version is now too old to be compatible.

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Freedombox is based on Debian, and I see my Pioneer Edition is tracking Debian stable (currently buster), for which the version of Syncthing is 1.0.0~ds1-1+b11. Debian testing (currently bullseye) has Syncthing 1.12.1~ds1-2+b2. When bullseye transitions to stable (in a couple of months or so?) is when I think Freedomboxen will see the 1.12.1 version. Version 1.17 would seem to be a ways off since Debian unstable, where new versions land first, is also at 1.12.1.

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Syncthing v1.17.0 was just released 2 days ago. According to the release notes, it should work with versions as far back as v1.3.0. Hopefully this kind of breaking change in protocol will not happen too often.

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I assumed it was my package manager that did the upgrade, since it wasn’t me, but in looking at it again I think that the package manager didn’t upgrade syncthing. I think syncthing upgraded syncthing. Until today I haven’t bothered looking at what settings are available and apparently one of the default settings is to automatically try to self-upgrade every 12 hours.

The version on the FreedomBox has the exact same option with the exact same default, but shows on the regular settings screen as unavailable/disabled… is there a way to change it to not be disabled so it can self-update so I can use it again?

I would recommend against using self updates.

It might be too late to backport Syncthing into the current stable release. I think the best option for now is to wait for the next stable release of Debian. Your FreedomBox will automatically upgrade to Syncthing 1.12 which should be compatible with 1.17.

BTW, there’s already a request to backport Syncthing: #975042

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Probably related to this topic.
My Android App was recently updated to 1.17 and now gives this error: “TLS handshake: tls: client offered only unsupported versions: [303 302 301]”.
Changelog of the app says: “This release deprecates TLS 1.2 for sync connections; other side should be Syncthing 1.3.0 or newer”.

This can be overcome by setting insecureAllowOldTLSVersions to true in the App (Web-GUI > Advanced > Options > Insecure Allow Old TLS Versions). Restart Syncthing from within the App. Voilà.

This of course should be de-activated once bullseye is stable.