Support for A64 OLinuXino

I got FreedomBox working on an A64 OLinuXino board running from eMMC. This is a status update. The following are the pending tasks for having fully functional images:

  1. Debian’s flash-kernel package needs support for A64 OLinuXino. Patch has been submitted:

  2. freedom-maker needs a patch to build A64 OLinuXino images. Merge request is ready it can be merged as soon as flash-kernel changes are available.

  3. Linux mainline kernel does not have support for eMMC on A64 OLinuXino. Patch submitted.

  4. U-boot has a regression between 2019.01 and 2019.07 that prevents it from booting from eMMC. Currently 2019.01 works. I am investigating the regression.

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Just curious, how are you flashing the eMMC? Boot from microSD then copy it over?

This is what I did and used the same image that is flashed onto SD card.

xzcat <image> | ssh root@freedombox.local dd of=/dev/mmcblk2 bs=1M status=progress

Patch to fix regression posted:

This patch has been merged into linux-sunxi repository and should get submitted for linux 5.4.

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Potentially relevant: New Debian 10 Buster images released for A20 and A64 boards and SOMs

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