Stuck update on 23.6.2

I did a fresh debian 11 netinstall and then freedombox on it. After updating everything, i have Debian 11 bullseye and Freedombox 23.6.2~bpo11+1. Frequent feature updates are activated, auto-update and next stable release are checked. If i run update via terminal or in gui, it shows that Freedombox is up to date. Any hints on how to update to 23.18?


I think you’ll have to upgrade to Debian 12 (bookworm) to get 23.18 and future FreedomBox updates. There’s an issue preventing FreedomBox updates from backports on bookworm, for which a fix will roll out with the next Debian point release (12.2) on October 7 (or you can follow the instructions provided here).

But you’re on Debian 11 (bullseye), and since you have “enable auto-update” and “enable auto-update to next stable release” checked, I would have thought an upgrade from bullseye to bookworm would have kicked off automatically.

If you update manually in Plinth (System/Software Update), does anything interesting turn up in the log? What shows up in the unattended-upgrade log entry that starts with “Allowed origins”?

What do you get back from these two commands, entered on the command line?
lsb_release --release --codename --short
curl --silent --location --fail | grep Codename

FreedomBox uses the codename returned by these two commands in deciding whether a new stable release is available.

Depending on how much time and effort you have invested in the current installation, you might want to consider starting over with a Debian 12 netinstall to avoid the bullseye->bookworm upgrade altogether.