Storage Connection

Hi again,

I have managed to connect via SSH and can see the external drive I have connected, but I cannot see the drive on the /plinth/sys/storage page where it says I should be able to use, mount, and unmount drives.

Headed to bed shortly, but would appreciate any thoughts on what to check for tomorrow evening.


What type of filesystem(s) exist on the drive? What type of partition table does it use? Maybe provide the output of fdisk -l </dev/device_name>. Iā€™m not a dev but perhaps I can help troubleshoot.

Hi, thanks for posting to the forum.

The Storage page currently has a bug which prevents it from showing external storage devices. Our team knows about this bug and is already working on a solution. If you want to track the progress on this solution, please check out the Issue page on GitLab:

We hope to have a resolution soon. Thanks for your patience, fellow Pioneer!

While it does not show up on the web interface, you can manually manage
the disk using command line with typical Debian ways (mount, umount,
edit /etc/fstab).

hello my heroes. Iā€™m new to freedombox, but used to Debian. So mounting the drive via ssh is not a problem, but for beginners, it would be definitely great, if it worked out of the box.
in case, someone does not know, how it is done:

  • Enter Freedombox via ssh
  • type sudo su to become root
  • type blkid to find out the UUID of the wanted device
  • copy the UUID and check the filesystem (vfat, ext4 or whatever you use)
  • type nano /etc/fstab
  • now you see the Partitions of your SD-Card.
  • here you add a line like
    UUID=b88dd71e-aca6-441e-a848-c59b404xxxx /media/yourusername auto rw,user,auto 0 0
    you have to remove the ā€™ ā€™ at the beginning and the end of your UUID and replace yourusername with your username.
    Save the file with ctrl + o and close with ctrl + x
  • shutdown -r now