Ssh access from anywhere via

Add sshhub as a service to access your freedombox via ssh from anywhere.

Let me first state that I sadly do not have a freedom box. I plan to get one. That aside I made a service (sshhub) to access ssh servers behind firewalls.

Might it be that such a service would fit very well into your freedombox?

I travel between work, home, vacations, family, etc. My Linux notebook is always with me, I want to access my linux machines from anywhere. In case of a freedombox you can access it’s ssh server, or forward ports via ssh.

sshhub is like teamviewer for ssh. Access your freedombox from anywhere.

Just run ‘ssh -J [username] freedombox’ .

I am not sure. Is this a good addition for a freedombox?

(Note basic bandwidth limited access will stay free, increasing bandwidth will cost, but little and volume dependent)

See website

ngrok, serveo, pagekite - but all are lacking the specialization on ssh.


  • add a few UI settings to register & activate sshhub.
  • add and load a systemd unit to automatically connect to sshhub (again, please see website)

Alternatives += SSH via Tor hidden service

@yeti Another alternative is using the Cockpit terminal.

  1. Login to FreedomBox on Tor Browser using the onion url.
  2. Open Cockpit app and go to Terminal.

This is as good as an ssh session. No advanced SSH configuration required on the client device.

Your suggestion is not an alternative to using ssh via tor direcly but sure an other alternative for the list above.