[SOLVED] WLAN nearby not found

My Freedombox does not find the WLANs nearby. There are many WLANs which are seen from my Linux-Debian-Labtop, but none is show in the WLAN “WLANs in der Nähe Tab”.

I think, I solved it myself. The freedombox has no wifi-Interface, so it cannot see wifis.

Yes, you would need to use a compatible wi-fi dongle with your FreedomBox.

If you want your FreedomBox to recognize WLAN, plug in a compatible USB wi-fi dongle. Read more here: https://wiki.debian.org/FreedomBox/Hardware/USBWiFi

Thanx. As I wrote, I should have know it.

I will mark this issue as [SOLVED] in the title.