[SOLVED] Wi-Fi Shield for Pioneer

Hi all,

I don’t want to pollute an existing feed so if you think this deserves to be placed in a separate topic please let me know where to move it. However I think there is some connection with the general feedback and the fact that Olimex is providing support here.

My question is, can I upgrade my Freedombox Pioneer with a wiFi shield for the Lime2 ?

Thank you

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I moved this question to a different topic as it is an important question on its own.

FreedomBox Pioneer is built on A20-OLinuXino-Lime2 Rev. G board. So, what works with that board ought to work with FreedomBox Pioneer.

I am using the MOD-WIFI-AR9271 USB WiFi adapter together with FreedomBox Pioneer


@sunil thank you !

@MikaelB Thanks. I have been starting to play around with the hardware bits (not directly on the Pioneer) but I am wondering if there is a board like shield to upgrade the Lime 2.
Though a shield would mean that the case for the Pioneer wouldn’t fit anymore I was just curious as to what are the requirements for compatibility.

Practically speaking your solution would work for me thank you !

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