[SOLVED] What is tun0 connection?

Under “Network connections” there are two active connections: FreedomBox WAN and tun0.

When I click on the tun0 connection, I see the following information:

This interface is not maintained by FreedomBox. Its security status is unknown to FreedomBox. Many FreedomBox services may not be available on this interface. It is recommended that you deactivate or delete this connection and re-configure it.

So I deleted it. However, after rebooting I noticed that the tun0 connection has returned.

What is this tun0 connection? Should I delete it? How can I keep it from returning?

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It’s used by OpenVPN.


Thank you for the quick reply. Perhaps the warning message should be removed?

Also all interfaces that are not assigned a zone now automatically in the external zone. We need to update the warning message appropriately.