[SOLVED] Warning when installing Postfix/Dovecot: three conflicting exim4 packages

Problem Description
When I started to install Postfix/Dovecot, I got a warning that exim4 packages would be removed. If I go ahead with this install, will it break anything? In particular, ejabberd is running (well!) on this freedombox.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Login to FreedomBox.
  2. Go to Disabled Apps
  3. Choose Postfix/Dovecot

Expected Results
No warning message.

Actual results
This warning:
Conflicting Packages: Some packages installed on the system conflict with the installation of this app. The following packages will be removed if you proceed: exim4-base exim4-config exim4-daemon-light”


  • FreedomBox version: 24.1.
  • Hardware: RockPro64
  • How did you install FreedomBox?: downloaded image from https://freedombox.org


I guess that Exim4 provides the same functions like Postfix so only one of the two can be installed.
However, I wonder why you have Exim4 installed. Which apps did you install? Did you install anything not via plinth?

Exim4 is the default mail server packed with Debian. When you install the FBX mail package, it gets replaced with postfix.

Nothing to worry about. This wont effect your existing setup and configurations.

Hi Avron and Ged296123

Thank you both for your replies

Avron, I have installed everything via plinth.

Ged296123 , your reasoning seems sound and I think I should probably go ahead and do it. But I was playing around in the cockpit terminal trying to see what would happen if postfix were installed.

sudo aptitude -s install postfix (-s means “simulate, but don’t do”, I just learned)

told me a few more packages were listed for removal, and following those packages back with “apt cache rdepends” revealed quite a few more packages. So I’m a little spooked. It’s hard being so ignorant and stupid!

For all I know, clicking INSTALL in plinth is not the same as typing apt install on the command line.

I have convinced quite a few Software-Freedom-indifferent people to communicate with me on this server, and they’re already put off by the inconvenience. If I wreck it now, who knows if they will come back when I put it right. So…I guess it’s time to learn how to do a proper backup!

Will report back when I finally click install.

Thank you both again,


Whatever suits you and makes you feel comfortable : )

Backing up was very simple!

Ged296123 you were correct. I installed Postfix/Dovecot today and ejabberd is still working fine.

Thank you,


That’s good to hear. If not too much trouble, would you kindly add [SOLVED] to the title of the thread so others who may come up with a similar question can find their way around.

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Yes. This is a great idea. Thank you. I can’t seem to do it, though. Can you please tell me how?


I’ve recently learned that not every OP can edit titles in Discuss. I hope you don’t mind that I changed it for you. All the best!

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Thank you fefekrzr. It’s very kind of you.

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Thank you!

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