[SOLVED] TTRSS Android app, unable to connect

I’m trying to use the TTRSS app on android to connect to my freedombox.
But I’m unsure how to setup the authentification.
I’m connecting via Pagekite
It seems that using both the normal non-single-user preferences as well as simple https authentication don’t work.

Has anyone managed to use this app?

Make sure you are using /tt-rss-app in the URL. This one supports login by username and password.

The other URL, /tt-rss only works with clients that support redirect for SSO (like a web browser).


This did the trick! Thank you!
Is this mentioned in the manual and I missed it?

This is mentioned in the app description and the Manual page. I wish we didn’t have to do two separate URLs (but it is the best we came up with to allow single sign-on for web interface).

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