[SOLVED] Storage app does not see removable device

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Running off a router centralized by my ISP (Spectrum.com)
Bought Pioneer April 2019
FBox 20.2

I want to attach a 2TB USB connected drive, to serve as a backup and a website, but Storage does not find any Removable devices. The 2TB drive is currently configured as NTFS. How do I get it to be seen, and re-format it?

Typically, if you attach a USB disk, it should get automatically mounted ready for use and should show up in ‘Storage’ in ‘System’ section.

As far as I understand, FreedomBox comes out of the box with ntfs support, so that should not be an issue. I regularly test USB disks on my development VM and I know some people have attached USB drives.

Could it be that yours is a powered USB disk and you have not provided power?

Could you run the command ‘dmesg’ and ‘journalctl’ and post the output? You can do this by logging in to a web terminal in the Cockpit app.

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That was it, Sunil! Thanks! The drive itself derives all power from the USB connection. It had worked before when connected to my desktop PC. But wait, I had it in a (powered) USB hub, not directly attached to the desktop. So I plugged a powered hub into the FBox and the drive into the hub – and there we go!

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