[SOLVED] plinth.service and many others are masked

After an upgrade

sshd|plinth|fail2ban services are unavailable.

On https://freedombox/_cockpit/system/services at many processes:

Unit plinth.service is masked.

sshd.service is masked.

Failed to restart fail2ban.service: Unit fail2ban.service is masked.

Using https://freedombox/_cockpit/system/terminal

ournalctl -b 0 -u plinth have no data and systemctl unmask|enable|start commands have no desired result

As @sunil revealed in a topic before

‘freedombox’ package can be removed during the upgrade process

The solution

apt install freedombox

Similar cases

How did the upgrade happen, manually or automatically? If manually, was it through the FreedomBox interface, or command line?

Manually using apt