[SOLVED] Need help recovering ddns.freedombox.org account

My public IP changed recently and now it appears that the dynamic DNS is not updating. Per the journalctl log I am seeing the DNS address that was the prior IP address and the correct external IP address. However, when I look at the Dynamic DNS client configuration in Plinth, the password field is empty. Perhaps this hints at a problem as I know my external IP did not change during the time period when my Freedombox upgraded from Debian 11 to 12.

Trying to access the GnuDIP account at ddns.freedombox.org is not likely as I do not remember setting a password. Is it stored anywhere accessible in Plinth?

I tried the “Forgotten Password” button but I receive a message that there is no email address on file for this username (account). Trying to create a new account with my long used username fails with a message that the username is in use.

I am stuck!

Is there any way that an email address could be added to the account?

I’m not sure where to turn for help other than here as the “Help” link on that page does nothing.

A bit more digging reveals that I apparently signed up for the freedombox.rocks domain through gnudip.datasystems24.net as that is where my Freedombox is configured to update its DDNS. I tried to log into that Web page and get “Error: Unknown User” and I get the same for “Forgotten Password”. Its registration page doe not show freedombox.rocks as an optional domain so obviously this domain is now handled by https://ddns.freedombox.org/.

Okay, now what?

I updated my configuration using ddns.freedombox.org and the old password which does not work as I see from the logs that now the Let’s Encrypt certificate has been revoked. Sigh…

Things just get better and better.

It seems to me that a possible resolution would be for me to be able to contact the administrator(s) of ddns.freedombox.org and ask if my account record could have my email address added to I can use the “Forgotten Password” function.

See this thread for information on the transition from gnudip.datasystems24.net to ddns.freedombox.org (back in 2021). It sounds like your best bet at this point may be to contact the FreedomBox Administration Team <admin@freedombox.org>.

Ahhh, thanks for that!

A bit embarrassing to find this two years after the announcement. I will use that address to contact the admins and hopefully get this resolved.

admin@freedombox.org is the correct address to reach out if anyone is facing issues with Dynamic DNS account. @Nate and I are working on a solution for his account.

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Account has been restored.

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I can confirm that this is resolved as I was able to access the account earlier today. Thanks sunil and all!