[Solved] Matrix Resizing Uploaded Images

This may not be a FreedomBox issue but hopefully someone here will have some advice.

My dad sent me the same jpg via email and via Matrix. I downloaded both copies. The emailed one was 4032x3024 pixels and 3.4MB. The one from Matrix was 1008x756 pixels and 192KB. As a test, I uploaded both images to Matrix and redownloaded them. They both came back exactly the same as they were when I uploaded them.

I’m running a Matrix server on FreedomBox running on an Olimex Lime2. I log in with Nheko on a Debian PC. My dad logs in with Element on an Android smartphone.

Why is the file size only reduced for my dad on Matrix? Is there a setting I can change to allow him to upload files of (almost) any size?

I know my Matrix client (Element Android) prompts me to include full size image or not when I post large pics from phone. Check box at the bottom on the page right after image selection but before posting.

“Send image with the original size”

Default is unchecked.

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Thanks so much for the help. I’ve just got my dad to have a look and it worked!

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