[SOLVED] Logs aren't working propperly

I’m not sure if I did something or not, but my logs are showing always the current boot and then before half year ago. There are no logs of last 24 hours, last week or previous boot.

  • FreedomBox is plugged into a router at home
  • March 2021
  • Running Debian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye) and FreedomBox version 23.5. FreedomBox is up to date.

I performed commands for clearing journalctl like:

journalctl --flush --rotate
journalctl --vacuum-time=1s
journalctl --vacuum-size=1K
journalctl --vacuum-files 1

But there were some indestructible corrupted old logs, so I deleted them manually from /var/log/journal/. After every restart, there are logs only for the current boot. I don’t remember if I messed up with journal configuration file. Should I change something?

FreedomBox 22.16 added a System/Configure setting for logging (none/volatile/persistent) and made the default volatile (only since last boot).

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Thank you! I didn’t knew about that option. Now the logs are working.