[SOLVED] Is the virtualbox version no longer supported?

Is the virtualbox version no longer supported?

Problem Description
Getting it downloaded: I have to right click “open new tab” in order to get access to download of virtualbox image. Regular clicks don’t work.

When I do load it in virtual box, I get to grub successfully, but then only a blinking underline cursor, and nothing else. I go to freedombox.local and nothing happens. I’ve used the same configuration before in older versions and it worked (sharing network via bridge network adapter).

Both testing and stable give me the same results.

Any images that are available through freedombox.org are supported. In case one is no longer supported, we would remove it from the site.

Regular click on the image works fine for me. Can you explain more?

I’m downloading the VirtualBox amd64 images now, will also test them later.

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Ah, so in Firefox the download link button works fine. But in chrome Version 83.0.4103.97 (Official Build) (64-bit) on ubuntu 18.04 it doesn’t seem to work without right clicking and asking it to open in new tab. Odd. No biggie. But I guess that is something for the webmaster to sort out.

I’m going to redownload and try another version of virtual box too sometime tonight/tomorrow and get back to you as well.

I tried chromium Version 80.0.3987.162 (Developer Build). It works when I click on the VirtualBox amd64 images in the download page. I can’t test chrome as it is proprietary. Also check if any of your addons are interfering.

For whatever reason, it must of been a version of virtualbox, but it looks like it is working now. Thanks for checking in.

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