[SOLVED] Ikiwiki image location?

Where I should put images for inserting into an ikiwiki via a simple [[link]]?

According to the setup file the directories are:

srcdir => "/var/lib/ikiwiki/$wikiname_short",
destdir => "/var/www/ikiwiki/$wikiname_short",
repository => "/var/lib/ikiwiki/$wikiname_short.git"

I tried putting a jpg into those folders but it didn’t show when I went [[image.jpg]].

You may want to enable the “attachment” plugin through the setup page. Then you can upload through the edit form. It will store the images in /var/lib/ikiwiki/$wikiname_short.


That’s far easier than using WinSCP to upload the images to the blog and now users can add images and other attachments to the wiki. Thank you!