[SOLVED] How to migrate all USERS from one FB installation to another?

Hi everybody!

My Raspberry 3b+ installation became unusable after a SD-Card failure. Now I did a fresh install on a new SD-Card, recovered the Backup and noticed that the users were not recovered. (I guess this feature is not yet implemented?)

Now my question is: how can I do this manually? Is there a step-by-step guide describing this process? I found this feature request but unfortunately I can’t interpret what exactly I have to do.

Thanks in advancefor any help!

Hi Jonny.

While I do not have a howto, I can see that FB is using OpenLDAP (the slapd package) with its configuration sitting in


and the data files in


I am not sure if there is more that is required. But maybe moving over the files in these directories is worth a try? I noticed that the bug report mentions dumping the contents of the files using slapcat but that will only give you the raw data and you will somehow need to import it into the new FB. Moving the data files directly (assuming they are compatible and slapd versions are the same across systems) could work.


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Thanks @kopfkind for your advice. I will try it as soon as I get the chance.

I just succesfully migrated one of my setups. Moving




is not enought, you also have to move


and then restart FreedomBox.