[SOLVED] How to diagnose failure at the GnuDIP Server? Datasystems24.net / SDS-IP.de

Is anyone else having GnuDIP issues with the old datasystems24.net / sds-ip.de system?

If I dig my fqdn hostname from my freedombox it returns the local address.
If I dig my fqdn hostname from a DNS server it returns NXDOMAIN
My dynamic DNS system app says that it is updated recently and has the right IP address.
If I log in to my GnuDIP service page I see that my IP address is identified by GnuDIP server.

It sounds to me like the issue is that the sds-ip.de DNS records are not getting populated by the GnuDIP server.

Anybody else seeing this with datasystems24.net?

The old datasystems24.net GnuDIP server stopped updating DNS records and I was unable to connect to FreedomBox using my hostname.

I confirmed this by switching GnuDIP servers to ddns.freedombox.org which is working.

It’s an easy switch:

  • Create an account on https://ddns.freedombox.org/
    – select your hostname
    – choose the domain you want to use either fbx.one or freedombox.rocks
  • Update your domain name in plinth/sys/config to your new fully qualified domain name such as myfreedombox.freedombox.rocks
  • Update your DDNS page as described in the FreedomBox Wiki
  • Use Let’s Encrypt to get a new SSL certificate that matches your new DNS name
  • You’re done!