[SOLVED] How do I connect to Samba?

I do not understand how to connect to Samba. Disk is selected, status too (open share), OpenVPN is installed and working. A message appears:
“Samba is available only on internal networks or when the client is connected to FreedomBox through VPN.
Currently there are no network interfaces configured as internal”.
Shared resources on Windows and Linux computers \freedombox and smb://freedombox.local are not available.
The main interface FreedomBox WAN works as an external interface. Without this, openvpn will not work.
Which interface should be made internal?
What do I have to do to connect to Samba through my OpenVPN?
And without it?
Thanks in advance for the advice and help!

Problem solved. After rebooting Freedombox, everything appeared in both Windows and Ubuntu. Thank you all! :slight_smile: