[SOLVED] Gobby Infinoted file system error

Problem Description

After first using Gobby with Infinoted server installed, I notice some errors like

ERROR: Failed to write session for path "/var/lib/infinoted/sync/unDoc": La création du fichier « /var/lib/infinoted/sync/unDoc.H8FOI0 » a échoué : Permission non accordée
Will retry in 60 seconds

Steps to solve (myself but I am not sure)

  1. Login to FreedomBox with a command line interface
  2. cd /var/lib/infinoted/
  3. sudo chown infinoted:infinoted sync

Actual results
No error anymore, and new files exist in directory.

Is it a safe action ?

Thanks for reporting this issue. Your fix is correct indeed.

I have made the code changes required to fix this bug. It will hopefully go into the next release - 20.6.

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The fix is available in v20.6. Marking this as solved.

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