[SOLVED] Funktion of the Connectors on the Backside of the Freedombox

I did not find Information about the functions of the Connector on the backside of the Freedombox. Is there a schematics anywhere?


Thank You very much. It helps, but for me only a little.

I think it would be helpfull for beginners to have a picture of the front and the back of the Freedombox with the connectors and its functions e.g. HDMI.

Thank you for the feedback. That is very helpful for us as we improve our instructional material.

Regarding the HDMI port, please note that FreedomBox’s interface is NOT accessible via the HDMI port. It is only accessible via a web interface. So there is no need to plug your FreedomBox into a monitor or keyboard.

For what is the HDMI-Port then usefull?

When you use an Olimex LIME2 as a FreedomBox, the HDMI port is not useful for any purpose.

Olimex designed the LIME2 to be a multipurpose single-board computer. Thus, Olimex included an HDMI port for users who wanted to use it as a desktop computer with display output. But when Olimex partnered with the FreedomBox Foundation to sell Pioneer Edition FreedomBox kits, they packaged the LIME2 as it normally is built, with the HDMI port. The HDMI port is not useful for the FreedomBox system, but it is still a component of the board nonetheless. If you ever decide to repurpose your LIME2, then you could always use the HDMI port in some other use case.


Since this question has been answered, I’m going to mark it [SOLVED].