[SOLVED] Freedombox.rocks down?

Problem Description

  • Existing working freedombox server using freedombox.rocks became unreachable about 12 hours ago.

  • The clients/users could not connect. For Example: element.io mobile and web clients cannot reach the server.

** Steps taken to diagnose **

  • Did all the standard resets, power everything down, etc… The server was confirmed to be powerred on and connected to the internet.

  • Confirmed locally the Freedombox server is reachable. Still the clients couldn’t/can’t reach this previously working server.

  • Looked online and couldn’t find anything on Freedombox.rocks being down.

  • Found the notice that states that if you have a DDNS with a specific company you have to take action by December 15. Sever doesn’t use DDNS so this doesn’t apply.

  • Suspecting that it is Freedombox.rocks domain that is offline we tested by adding a secondary domain using the DDNS entry. Using that new domain the server is reachable. For example element.io mobile and web clients reach the server and we can log-in to the Freedombox server from external IP.

  • Currently strongly suspect that something is going on with the domain Freedombox.rocks.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Yes, there is an outage with the server for freedombox.rocks. It’s being worked on. Check the announcement thread for updates.

All good now, thank you!