[SOLVED] Freedombox.local doesn't work but IP address does

Hello, I have read the forums but I can’t figure out how to solve this problem with any of those forum posts.

Basically, as the title says, freedombox.local doesn’t work to connect to the freedombox, but the IP address does. Background: I recently had my sd card fail, and I had to reinstall freedombox on my raspberry pi. When I originally installed freedombox, it worked right “out of the box” when I navigated to it. This time around, though, this and other things aren’t working correctly. For example, minidlna is not discoverable, the issue above, and also strangely all my browsers say there is a invalid security certificate.

You have to remember, this is a fresh install from an image on freedombox’s website, on the exact same hardware, connected to the same network. But, things don’t work the same now.

Any thoughts? Thanks

Hello @Joe

Is your freedombox firewall zone set to internal ?

Your raspberry pi will be on a local network, so freedombox firewall needs to be set to internal.

Login to Freedombox and click on System tab and then click on the Network section in the list below. The connection can be edited to change it firewall zone, external or internal.

Regards: peter

Hi Peter, that fixed my problem immediately. Thank you. I spent hours trying to figure this out. It is strange that after a reinstall that I had this problem since I don’t remember changing that setting when I set up freedombox before the sd card died.

I’m glad the problem is solved and I hope it is helpful to others.

@Joe I hope you don’t mind that I edited the title to prepend [SOLVED] so that others now that a solution to this issue has been found. Also, I corrected ‘dose’ to ‘does’.

I’m glad that the issue has been solved.