[SOLVED] Can't access SyncThing administration panel

I had SyncThing setup and in use for a long time.
I did just access the SyncThing client admin interface from the link under Apps in Plinth, where I noticed a setting to, I thought, make it use https - which, apparently was a mistake.
I can no longer get into the SyncThing admin interface on the FreedomBox to correct that setting, as it automatically redirects the url to a useless “https://localhost:8384/

How can I get back in to correct that setting?

  1. Log in to Cockpit and enter the Terminal.
  2. Enter sudo sed -i 's/tls="true"/tls="false"/' /var/lib/syncthing/.config/syncthing/config.xml into the terminal.
  3. In Plinth > Apps > Syncthing turn off and then back on the Syncthing app.

Thank you. I’ll give that a try.

And there was much rejoicing!
thank you, thank you

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