[SOLVED] Cannot access my FreedomBox from external network over Pagekite


I obtained a Pioneer FB November ‘19. I am running Debian 10.3 and FreedomBox version 20.4. The FB is plugged into a NetGear R6220 router with forwarded ports 20, 22, 80, & 443. I do not have a static ip address so I set up a pagekite account from pagekite.net and set up a certificate with Let’s Encrypt. In the system tab, Pagekite is on.

Initial setup went fine, I can access FB through plinth and ssh. For the home network, things appear to work (e.g., installed Syncthing and whenever my spouse’s Samsung S6 is within range of the home network FB downloads and stores photos until I’m ready to move them to a storage device).

I’ve been trying for some time but I cannot figure out how to access my FB from an external network. I’m at a loss and not sure what I am doing wrong.

I am able to ping my domain name. But when I try to access through Firefox (https://phroneo.pagekite.me/) I get brought to the Pagekite page with a message saying the service is temporarily unavailable. If I try “ssh -X eps@phroneo.pagekite.me” I get the message: ssh: connect to host phroneo.pagekite.me port 22: Connection refused

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I’m having this same problem.
It seems that port 22 is closed on pagekite.me by default.
I haven’t found out if it’s possible to open it on their service though
Have you made any progress?

No, I made no progress. I was never able to connect through pagekite and eventually gave up. Sorry I am not able to help.

Hey! it seems we managed to figure it out between irc and another thread.
You probably need to configure your ssh client as in this wiki.

it needs to run through an http proxy so that pagekite.me server can figure out which instance to send it to (or something along that line…)

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I updated the manual page on how to connect to SSH over Pagekite. https://wiki.debian.org/FreedomBox/Manual/SecureShell#SSH_Over_Pagekite

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