Software Requirements for fresh install?

What software is required before you do a fresh install of freedombox on a new debian 12 install? I’m already finding that I needed to install and configure OpenLDAP before downloading, otherwise database creation doesn’t happen, and stuff seems to act wierd in plinth if you don’t do this beforehand. I seem to be having some missing software after running sudo apt-get install freedombox. (I am running a new installation of debian 12 on an X86 PC)

You shouldnt be required to install anything.
If you already have a fresh debian installation that you want freedombox on top, you can follow the guide here:

I have followed those instructions, however compared to the installation on my raspi 4(used SD card image, so everything was added like it needed to be), this does not feel like it completely set itself up in the same way to control the entire system the same way that a pre-built image does.

what made you “feel” that way?