So happy user both at home and at work

Overall Impressions

List of things I liked and work fine

  • Gitweb
  • Ikiwiki
  • Sharing
  • Tor
  • Transmission
  • Cockpit

List of things I disliked

  • nothing explicitly :grin:

Apps I like to see in future


  • It’s really difficult to me to tell how much I am proud to know you all FreedomBox people exist… Some kind of feeling less alone maybe ?

As a user of Debian solutions :

it’s a way I can learn myself, use, then share many off your choices with young people I have to work with.


Thanks again


@fred1m, Thank you for the feedback. Could you write more about how are you using systemd-nspawn for launching FreedomBox instances? I don’t think I came across others doing this.

@sunil :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is my “draft”, I will be happy to do some better writing later (but I not good with that).

I am verry happy to “manage systemd-nspawn containers” helped with open-infrastructure-container-tools package.

Then “FreedomBox is a pure blend of Debian” and I confirm that “any machine running Debian can be turned into a FreedomBox.”