Sigal as photo gallery


I wanted to share my experience and my setup with Sigal.
I’m running Freedombox on a Raspberry pi b v1, and I was looking for something light and user-friendly to browse my photo folder, which I sync with Syncthing.

Sigal is pretty simple to set up with Freedombox, I just shared the out put directory of Sigal.
Then I use Icrontab in order to proceed automaticaly the new photos:

/var/lib/syncthing/Photos/      IN_CREATE       ./home/pi/

The goal of is to not run many times Sigal at the same time and so kill my cheap Raspberry :

# sigal_is_running = 0 : sigal is not running
# sigal_is_running = 1 : sigal is running
# sigal_is_running = 2 : sigal should be run again
cd /home/pi
source autosigal.txt

if [ "$sigal_is_running" = "0" ]; then
        renice 19 -p $$
        echo "sigal_is_running=$sigal_is_running" > "autosigal.txt"
        sigal build ../../var/lib/syncthing/Photos/ sigal/
        source autosigal.txt
        while [ "$sigal_is_running" = "2" ]; do
                echo "sigal_is_running=$sigal_is_running" > "autosigal.txt"
                sigal build ../../var/lib/syncthing/Photos/ sigal/
                source autosigal.txt
        echo "sigal_is_running=$sigal_is_running" > "autosigal.txt"

elif [ "$sigal_is_running" = "1" ]; then
        echo "sigal_is_running=$sigal_is_running" > "autosigal.txt"
        echo "sigal_is_in_queue"

Here a screenshot of the result:

On my Raspberry pi it takes ~80 seconds since I take a photo with my smartphone until I see the result on Freedombox.

For information, I use the theme photoswipe, the option medias_sort_reverse and the plugin ‘sigal.plugins.extended_caching’].

Since I use Syncthing for my music I was looking for similar as Sigal but for music, if anybody have some advice, let me know.


This is a very cool use case. Thanks for sharing it! I wish our team could integrate Sigal into the FreedomBox suite of apps, but it looks like Sigal is not available within Debian. If Debian packages for Sigal and its dependencies are ever created and accepted into Debian, then we could integrate this app into FreedomBox.

Still, your use case empowers other users to follow your example and install Sigal manually. Thanks again for sharing!