Sharable Status Log to reduce risk to users

Can we identify and treat information that a user would want to keep private in the status log so that a user may more confidently share this for diagnostics?

My current status log is about 1400 lines, and I see that it contains some information that I would be hesitant to share here or in Salsa. It’s long enough that a person would have to be diligent to obscure every instance of private information, and users may not know which parts of this log may create a risk if they share it on the internet. They may also obscure this information in such a way as to make this more difficult to use to diagnose the problem.

Sharable Status Log would be a status log which will obscure information which may pose a risk to the user if shared online. Here are some examples, and we can debate the severity but I’m going to put a risk rating on this as High Risk or Low Risk. Anything excluded I consider “No Risk,” but I may be wrong!

High Risk: Feb 10 15:35:06 hostname /usr/bin/plinth[111265]: Updating dynamic domain, DNS address, looked up external address <!doctype html public “-//w3c//dtd html 4.01 transitional//en”

Low Risk: Feb 10 15:34:26 hostname /usr/bin/plinth[111265]: Not Found: /plinth/sys/diagnostics/img/noise.png

High Risk: hostname
currently points to

Refer to your FreedomBox status log.

Today the user must obscure this information manually. There are several ways they can expose themselves to risk:

  • Some users are unaware of the risk and share the information without modification
  • Some users are aware of the risk, but maybe not aware of all cases creating risk to the user
  • Some users may be completely aware of the risks, but still fail to obscure the information in each instance


  • Identify information in status log that creates risk when shared (FQDN, External IP, etc.)
    – information that could be used to identify a user for attack or exploit
    – user supplied information such as hostname which they may wish to keep private
    – user supplied information which may be offensive to log file readers
  • Create a name substitution scheme to uniformly apply throughout the sharable status log, mayebe something like:
    – hostname = ‘hostname’
    – fqdn = ‘’
    – IP Address = ‘XX.XX.XX.XX’
  • Create a UI element to either copy Sharable Status Log to the clipboard or download this as a file.