Setup WiFI for FreedomBox

Hello. As i say before, I`m trying to setup freedombox as a router.

Everything is working fine, exept WIFI.
I found information that some non-free firmware must be added beside drivers. I try to use my integrated card from my PI3.

I will like to do the fallowing setup.
One card (wlna0, integrated card) to host an SSID that allows clients to connect to my network.

Once log in into the SSID and network, I will like to be able to login into the web panel and connect the second card (wlan1, external usb wifi dongle with realtek drier installed) to an existing wifi AP so i can share internet connection throughout WLAN0

All the setups are there, but i can not activate any connection. In my ifconfig, I got both cards up and recognised.

From where i can download the firmware for the cards. Did anybody try this before?

Thank you for all your support.

Hello there @HellScream. I’m a beginner on linux, and Debian and FreedomBox, but I can point you out to this address, so you can download tarballs with the firmware that you might need – that is, if they happen to be available. I suggest you read this entire section of the Debian setup manual. 6.4. Loading Missing Firmware - Debian setup manual

I still have to learn the ropes here, so forgive me if this apparent thread resuscitation is useless. And if so, to the moderators and administrators, sorry, won’t repeat the mistake.

There is also this Debian wiki page about installing the right Firmware.

Once you have right firmware, the Wi-Fi devices should be functional. You need to configure the Integrated Card in “Shared” mode with “internal” firewall zone so that it can provide IP addresses to who ever, is connecting to it. Then you need to configure the external Wi-Fi device in regular mode with “external” firewall zone so that it stays safe from the Internet.

You can either use the FreedomBox web UI interface for configuration or you can use the “nmtui” command line tool. You can also copy files to/from /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/ directory to create network connections with NetworkManager. FreedomBox manual has some details about this.

@Fer, thanks for the additional information. I suppose it is never too late answer a question as many people see the answers at a later time.