Setting up DNS with DuckDNS

I am having trouble setting up DuckDNS with my FreedomBox as I cannot get a certificate authority to properly contact DuckDNS servers. In addition I have tried configuring DuckDNS with GnuDIP only to have FreedomBox throw a error for setting up the GnuDIP server Address as “” saying it needs to end in a .com or .org type configuration. Any help setting up DuckDNS with FreedomBox is appreciated.

Thank you.

Could you try using the “other update URL” method and providing the URL given by Duck DNS?

Also you try updating it manually first by running say curl <url> from your local network. Then verify that your IP is associated properly with the domain. Then verify that your router’s port forwarding is properly done. Then try Let’s Encrypt. If everything works, then setup Dynamic DNS module.

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Thank you for the reply,

I have been playing around with “other update URL”, Duck Dns has a few configurations for different operating systems. Is the DNS update based off of linux cron,linux netcat cron, linux netcat cron, or some other operating system?

In FreedomBox we are using ez-ipupdate package as the Dynamic DNS client (due for re-evaluation). It run as daemon. We also add a cron job when IP detection URL is provided. By the way, try providing it.

Be sure to test the Dynamic DNS stuff separately from domain + port forwarding + LE setup.

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