Samba shares and backups


I’m a newcomer to FreedomBox. I first learned about this project a couple of weeks ago, when browsing the topics of Debconf '21. I must say that I’m impressed of the result so far, so thank you! I also believe that this initiative has a lot of potential.

Moving into practical issues, I deployed a FreedomBox instance in my local network, and started to play arround with it, with a focus on backups and file sharing, which are my personal priorities. Everything seemed solid, but I noticed that Samba shares are not covered by the “Backups” module [1].

I wonder whether there are plans to cover Samba shares backups in the future, and if there is any known particular issue.

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[1] FreedomBox/Manual/Backups - Debian Wiki

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From the code it looks like backup/restore for Samba (registry share configuration) has been supported since FreedomBox 19.22, and the manual page has just been slow to catch up. I haven’t actually tried it myself, though.

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I believe we currently support only configuration backup/restore for Samba. Backup/restore of folders shared with Samba is definitely a good to have.

We have planned to implement backup/restore of arbitrary folders on FreedomBox for sure. Then doing this for Samba folders automatically would be even better.

Thanks for the pointer @sunil . Indeed, having the ability to backup any directory in the FreedomBox installation would cover this topic’s use case.
@lifeform, I’ve setup backups for all the applications in my installations, and Samba shares are not included.
I’ll keep an eye on backup: Implement ability to backup abitrary folders (#1812) · Issues · FreedomBox / FreedomBox · GitLab.