Ii have a problem with ANY distro that does NOT include SAMBA or any SMB services.

smb protocol allows “SECURE” local sharing and has been a proven vehicle since 1987. It has been a Linux server (SAMBA) since 1992.

For this distro to be considered a server without this simple LAN sharing facility expected of a server should be evaluated by its supporters.

MACs, Unix, Windows, mainframes, Linux, and other OSes do NOT discriminate in providing smb protocol ability in data server capacities.

Might the developers “step up to the plate”?

We actually plan on integrating Samba. It is on our development roadmap.

Indeed, we recently discussed Samba in a different thread on the forum: Installing a Samba Server on FreedomBox

You can find Samba on our 2019 roadmap here:

My original thread was updated. I got sidetracked and am now just getting back to correct its original entry.

The reference you provide is a rather nice entry. BUT, installation of SAMBA and its features, CURRENTLY, are NOT a part of a supported solution built-in to FreedomBox.

Please build it in.

I am willing to donate a sample starter smb.conf that is even easier than what is in the article. Further, I am sure, other admins, too, are willing to offer starter smb.conf too for getting users off and running upon Freedombox installation or upgrade.

Here to help

@Think, please consider contributing a samba configuration file with following properties (it would help greatly with implementation):

  • Meant for sharing app to share folders from FreedomBox.
  • Minimal changes to the existing configuration and respects Debian defaults mostly.
  • Doesn’t not modify the default configuration but is a separate configuration snippet that does not causes issues with automatic upgrades.
  • Allows publicly accessible folders.
  • Uses FreedomBox LDAP groups for access control.
  • Allows read-only or read-write folders.
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Update: our team has begun integrating Samba into FreedomBox. @vexch, one of our top contributors, is working to make Samba on FreedomBox even better. But this first implementation was just released in v19.22. Details here: FreedomBox v19.22 released

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