Samba Config For Password-Less Access?

I have two users on my FreedomBox with strong passwords and two users on a PC in my local network with the same names but shorter passwords (for convenience). I’d like to share a directory with Samba so it can be automatically mounted on the PC without the need for a password.

Edit Damn, testparm says hosts equiv is an unknown parameter so I guess it’s been discontinued.
There’s a “hosts equiv” setting for Samba but I can’t find any information about it beyond this:

“Path to a file of trusted machines from which password-less logins are allowed. Strongly discouraged, because Windows/NT users can always override the user name, the only security in this scheme.”

Presumably if I set “hosts allow” to the IP address of my PC (to which only people I trust have access) then “hosts equiv” won’t be a security issue? If it is still a security issue then what’s the best way of giving password-less access without having to change users?

After not being able to find the relevant samba configuration options I tried the multiuser option of mount.cifs. Unfortunately I couldn’t figure out how to get that to mount the share with proper permissions either!

I’ve ended up adding local users to the Freedom Box with the same uids as the users on my computer. I’ve made a seperate mount point for both users on the computer and an fstab entry for both mount points. Then there’s a script to mount the share for both users using their respective credentials file, uid and mount point. It feels a bit clumsy but seems to be working.