Restore Working Configuration for an FB Application

I2P, as an example, has a vast and incomprehensible array of configuration options. I’m pretty sure that I’ve wounded my installation. This points to a need for a user to restore the default configuration as one would have at install time when done using Plinth.


  • User installs app from Plinth.
  • User frobs the configuration until deciding that they have degraded or broken the software.
  • User is frustrated not being able to get an app back into working order.

Perhaps this need would be met when Uninstall introduced in 22.19 is in the desired end state. If so this can be disregarded. Otherwise, a “Restore Default Configuration,” option would be a welcome addition to the application page settings menu alongside, “Run Diagnostics,” and “Uninstall”

The ideal outcome would be for any data files generated by the app to be preserved while any configuration files are replaced with their original contents. If the user moved the location of the data files it would be up to the user to modify the default configuration again to point to the right data directories.

I do not see a need for diffs or any other feature - just put the configuration back to defaults and I would be content to, “improve it until it breaks,” again.

Look where the “Uninstall,” and “Run Diagnostics,” functions are in the application management page. This would be a good place for this option.

This is treated somewhat in FAQ.

Uninstall then install may be an option, but I don’t have the means to test this on a non-production system. A “Reinstall,” option may be a good alternative which would script removal followed by installation in one step so long as it replaces the suspect configuration files and doesn’t damage any data.

Perhaps dpkg-reconfigure may do the job if the FreedomBox answers to configuration prompts could be supplied.

I should leave this part to the pros.

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