Restore questions

On how to use the restore function:

  • Should one reinstall a freedombox from the beginning, setup domain and users exactly as they were before (I noticed the documentation says they are not saved), upgrade and then restore?
  • Is something else missing before doing the restore? Or is the order different?
  • Is there another way to use the restore function?
  • Is it possible to restore while using a different domain?

With respect to email:

  • provided the user accounts are configured before restoring, will all aliases be restored as well?
  • are previously received email restored as well in dovecot?

I did it, so I answer my own questions.

What I did:

  1. I configured my routeur so that it allocates the IP of my old freedombox to the new hardware (so I don’t have to change all the rules and my SNI proxy configuration)
  2. after booting a fresh install, I connected to plinth, setup the admin username/password, said how the freedombox is connected to internet, waited for software update to complete
  3. I did the restore (it requires creating the archive to restore, which needs running “borg export-tar” on the machine where the backup is), this puts the applications back
  4. I recreated all the users
  5. I configured the domain and ask Let’s encrypt to renew certificates
  6. I added a fresh remote backup location and activated scheduled backups

Then I see that the emails are there. I did not try changing the domain.

My conclusion: it works well but the manual is missing the information how to restore the backup.

EDIT: changed “backup” to “software update” in 2., I was obsessed with backup obviously.