Rename 'testing' to 'Rolling' everywhere


Currently, the repository that gets continuous releases is called ‘testing’. This creates an uncomfortable feeling among our users that this is meant for testing FreedomBox and is not meant for general consumption. I propose to rename this terminology to ‘Rolling’ everywhere. We should still keep (or make it more clear) the message that these rolling releases may occasionally break some features.


  • Update (add/keep the message the rolling builds may break working things occasionally).
  • Update Manual.
  • Update other pages on FreedomBox wiki.
  • Rename build image file names (don’t change freedom-maker) update only buildbot.

I have seen other software projects name testing as "rolling.’ I would be okay with it so long as we include adequate warning on about the occasional breakages with rolling.


Hm, I’m hesitant about this. Maybe just encouraging people to be pioneers about it would do the trick? Renaming to “rolling” seems to convey that you get only benefits, no downsides. But in the past, “testing” surely had more hickups than “stable”. I was actually hoping that with the upcoming release of Buster, more people should be fine with the more up-to-date “stable”, at least for a while.

Another problem I see is that would break the established Debian terminology. Admittedly, this is not a huge reason given that most users don’t know Debian, but I think it should be made clear that “rolling” and “testing” have absolutely identical meaning.

Finally, “rolling” seems harder to translate than “testing”, but that may be just me :slight_smile:.