Remote Desktop Server / App?

A question for FB developers; Has anyone considered a remote desktop server, such as VNC, RustDesk, Mesh Central, or something else?
Been looking around the forums but didn’t find anything.

I really hate having to use Teamviewer or Anydesk, but it seems like setting up a VNC server or some other open source Remote Desktop Server between linux clients has been especially difficult.

This must have been discussed before. I’m curious to know why a remote desktop server doesn’t exist in FreedomBox. Been pulling my hair out trying to find an open source solution that actually works.

Maybe because it is a server, not a desktop. It got ssh, you can access it with the terminal, filezilla, or add it to your filebrowser. How do you use it with teamview?

I’m not sure what you mean by VNC server. Would you like to have a replacement for TeamViewer in a way that FreedomBox acts as a relay in the middle helping you connect from one PC to another, or would you like to control your FreedomBox server which happens to have a desktop environment?

Yes, Like TeamViewer! A relay server for Rust Desk would be incredible! I believe Rust Desk is completely open source. RD has pretty good documentation in English and French: Self-host :: Documentation for RustDesk

I would donate some money and help in any other way possible to get this project started!