Regroup and 3 Recommendations (1. chat 2. recruitment. 3. consultant)

Proposal: Re: Chat platform, Recruitment, and Consultant

For whatever reason, the forum doesn’t get the same attention as free-form chat would. I know my inbox sometimes places it in updates, sometimes in my priority box, so it can be days, if not weeks before responses are made. As I mentioned in the original meeting - strong “sprints” of effort in marketing for opensource marketing activities can be strong and robust…at first…then things always fall off only after several months. The intentions are there - but life happens and things go back to normal.

Can we use a platform that has higher rate of fluid communication? I know chat groups exist that are dead too, but having a marketing chat room can allow for more synergy in between meetings which seem to rarely take place any more and hard to confirm.

Furthermore, since we can’t really meet consistently, can we just focus on recruitment and and building a team? Let’s learn how to walk before we run with big ideas.

Lastly, I recommend we hire a consultant who has experience shipping products out of this nature who can create an outline/timeline of what needs to be done, our areas of weakness that we need to address, and point us to increased networks of groups/individuals who we should be approaching/partnering w/ to get this to the next level.

Otherwise, we have a small group of individuals with a limited scope of subject matter expertise, piecing together half-solutions that might not even be the best solution. Why re-create the wheel? Let’s just find someone who has done this before and ask them to help guide/direct us?

Don’t mean to sound negative or frustrated in my tone, but projects like this rarely hit full stride because it gets stuck in these areas and fail to find the traction with sales/funding to truly scale and increase its impact in empowering more people in the area of leveraging their rights and digital freedoms.

-A passionate profetik777