Recommendation to Remove or Repurpose IRC Channel

I’ve been lurking on the IRC for the past several months and have yet to see 1 person from freedom box respond to a user seeking assistance.

If there can be no representation from FB on IRC, I strongly recommend closing it and just using forums for all levels of support.

IRC exists for some level of real time communication - if that can’t be provided in the slightest bit - I think it should be temporarily closed until we see an uptick in requests.

Just a suggestion.

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Hello @profetik777

What is the IRC channel you’re talking about ?

I’d suggest the one to not to be closed.

I didn’t know there was a second. After looking at it , the is the one that has zero activity.

I would recommend closing the one that has had zero engagement , and the least amount of support request. I suspect that is

The fact that there are two compounds the point that we should close it (or 1 of them) so as to increase the odds and probably for positive experiences by funneling users (and devs) for real time interaction via irc chat.

Thank you for the consideration.

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You’re welcome @profetik777 :slightly_smiling_face:

My guess is that #freedombox channel at still exists due to some “autobackup” IRC networking culture. see:

Capture d’écran de 2021-03-18 10-02-06

I would suggest one “officially” from may gain some oper mode on that old IRC channel, then change Topic to invite visitors to the good one.

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So what is the next action step on this? Can anyone do it or is it something that requires certain permissions etc.?

It will likely require to have operator privileges in that channel, or to contact a person in the channel who has those privileges, or to ask freenode staff.

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Single-# channels shall be held by the owner of the name, product, project. So whoever has it now will have to hand over the channel to FreedomBox.

Freenode staff will fix that.

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