Really enjoying FreedomBox!

Overall Impressions

List of things you liked

  • It’s excellent for someone like me who is familiar with Linux, but is unfamiliar with administering more complex services. It’s nice to have all of that automated.
  • User management makes it easy for me to create a server that can be shared with friends and family. It lets me create a tiny server for them
  • I like that I’m able to turn off logging in the system to make it more private.
  • I find the people in the forum and IRC to be super helpful, too.

List of things you disliked

  • I expected DKIM signing to be available right away, but fortunately a solution exists in the forum to enable the rspamd DKIM signing module.
  • I expected filtering to be available in Roundbox, but fortunately a solution exists in the forum to enable managesieve plugin.
  • As the admin, I still have a lot of access to people’s data on the server. It would be excellent if that can be further limited by either adding an option for user-password encryption and an option for automatically purging old data.


  • Encryption of email using their own password: Would it be possible to integrate Riseup’s liberate / trees · GitLab in Dovecot? I’m very inexperienced with these technologies, so I hope it’s something that can be added to FreedomBox! (or perhaps a tutorial that I can easily follow?)
  • Option to purge old data: Would it be possible to have an option for users to enable auto-deletion of emails or XMPP messages?

Thank you!