Re-create a /boot filesystem on microSD for a Pioneer with root file system on HDD

My Pioneer with HDD went out of control several times, I have to remove the power and put it back.

The root file system was previously moved to the HDD with btfrs replace, so only the /boot file system is on the microSD card. SInce it was shutdown brutally, I decided to put the microSD card into a card reader and run fsck.ext2. I tried some repair operations but following that, the Pioneer won’t boot anymore.

What would be the way to recreate a clean /boot file system on the microSD card, in order to reuse the root file system on the HDD?

Hmm, I guess I’d take a fresh FB image bring it up to date and use its boot partition for your microSD - maybe using partclone or dd.

I finally did it:

  • I have setup a fresh freedombox image, then, as root
  • I mounted the ssd: udisksctl -b mount /dev/sda
  • in /etc/fstab (i.e. from the microSD), I replace the UUID of the btfrs file system with the UUID of the btrfs file system found in /media/root/someUUID/etc/fstab
  • in /media/root/someUUID/etc/fstab, I replaced the UUID of the ext2 file system with the UUID of the ext2 file system found in /etc/fstab
  • I ran update-initramfs -u
  • I rebooted (via plinth)

I have read in some place that one would also need to also update /etc/default/flash-kernel but the rootfs on the HDD had nothing special, so I did nothing. So far, it seems to work.