Raspi 4 b 8GB with a special image?

I was so happy… finally a working Debian bullseye on a Rasp 4b 8 GB. Without separate UEFI boot on an extra device. The full number of Ram, working wifi etc… freedombox installed and experimented. At some point I noticed that the page from which I downloaded the image is not a Debian project at all (Daily auto-built images)
This site looks very official as if it belongs to Debian. I don’t trust this raspi box anymore for further experiments… Do anyone have experience with this site?

gwolf@debian.org is a Debian developer. For some reasons these RasPI images are unofficial but I’d have no security nightmares because of that.

Thanks for your reply yeti! I don’t want to underestimate the work of Gunnar Wolf as a developer. Presumably the images do not comply with the Debian standard. I have problems with the official Freedombox for all_arm64 images. But I don’t want to do without the security of official Freedombox images. I will try my luck with these again

No problem, everything is clearly stated as “unofficial”.
I used the latest Debian 11 image and got Freedombox installed by a simple apt install freedombox command