Raspberry PI4 8Gb manual ,mainpage Downloads

I try to follow the manual for an installation on a RaspPI4 but when booting with sd card the PI starts with errors.
Shall I install a Debian on the raspPI4 first?

follow the instructions on the page:
Also needs a USB stick with the latest firmware. That worked for me :slight_smile:

Hello thanks for your reply
on the sdcard I flash the firmware
on a USB stick I flash the image
right ? or or vice versa ?
Then I put them at the same time both in de RpbPI4 ?

No. You flash the firmware from SD to enable it to boot from USB. Then you flash the ROM to a USB and start from it, since USB 3.1 is faster, and the drives are more reliable than SD cards. But you could also run it from SD and extend the space to a USB storage, since freedom box uses btrfs. That’s what I did on the olimex lime2, since it doesn’t boot from USB or Sata to my knowledge.

I got Debian 11 from here: Daily auto-built images

and then installed Freedombox by:

sudo apt-get update

sudo DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive apt-get install freedombox

It was simple and easy and gave me the latest version!

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MikaelIB i dare not use this method , thanks anyway
i tried the method that blob uses with half succes.
@blob Freedombox is running but …
Installing Debian is standard with a passwordless login . I want a password but it doesn’t work.can’t set a root pasw (command not found) and
Cockpit won’t run
any idea ?

try with passwd, it will work, pasw won’t work

how Cockpit works is explained in System / Cockpit


Thanks password is set
ok for Cockpit (I will read it first)

can I backup freedombox to an external drive, update debian and put freedombox back?

To get Cockpit working, I had to add a Static DNS rule to my router. “freedombox.local” wasn’t getting registered automatically, but I was able to set it up as a manual DNS rule, and that made Cockpit happy.