Raspberry pi cant connect to wifi

I have been using freedombox raspberry pi on wired connection since the beginning. Now that i want to switch to wifi i connect my raspberry pi wired to a wifi extender, login to the box and try to connect to wifi vie the network option in settings, but it will not activate. Does anyone know if there is a better way of doing this?

Please check that you have the package firmware-brcm80211 installed, or install it if needed. We added it to our Raspberry Pi 3 / 4 image, but it was just added in March 2022. It will need to be installed manually on older images.

How do you check firmware? I still have access it I use a cable with wifi extender so I can login.

You will need to login through SSH (or using the Cockpit app) and run this command:

$ sudo apt install firmware-brcm80211

Already the newest version. I wonder if its not working because i am trying to connect to WiFi while the ethernet cable is plugged in giving me internet.

I connected because when i login my router i see my raspberry pi but when i try to access it via web browser it does not work. It times out.

Nevermind. Restarted and now it works. What i did was i made the pi a hotspot, then unplugged the extender. Connected to the pi via hot spot. Then i created a network connection without using nearby WiFi because that did not work. I had to create a manual connection and input the WiFi name manually. Once i activated that it instantly kicked me off the hotspot and i saw on my router that the pi was connected but i could not access it via the web browser. I restarted the pi and then i was able to access it.