Quick, easy, and secure contact form

Most websites have a contact form that sends the webmaster e-mail. Writing a contact form is quick and easy, writing one with good security is not.

An app that did nothing but make a solid contact form would be useful. The functional elements are very standardized: from field, reply-to field, optional drop-down giving a choice of topics, text field, submit button. It could be customized with CSS or whatever.

There exist many commercial programs to do this, but I haven’t seen an open-source one. Have you?

Sounds like an interesting idea. The first thing you should know about integrating new features into FreedomBox is that the FreedomBox software system is a Debian pure blend. “All applications on FreedomBox are installed as Debian packages. The FreedomBox project itself distributes its software through Debian repositories.” In order for a new app to be integrated into FreedomBox, the app must already be available in the Debian software ecosystem.

If you can find Debian packages which provide a contact form, then let us know! Our team can discuss it and decide if it wants to add it to FreedomBox.

And if there isn’t a Debian package for it, then someone (maybe you) might want to write custom software for a contact form. It sounds like a straight-forward task. Maybe someone will volunteer to do it!

Hope this helps!

Thank you for the patient and informative reply. I had a quick look before posting that first post and couldn’t see anything in Debian, or even anything that meets the Debian Free Software Guidelines and thus could be packaged. I may well have missed something, in which case I’d be glad to be told so.

If there is nothing already extant, presumably it would be best to write separate package, put it in Debian, and then ask about integration into FreedomBox? Then it would also be usable independently of FreedomBox. Debian seems to have no objection to “Do One Thing And Do It Well” modules.

I think it fairly unlikely that I will get around to this anytime soon. If someone reading is saying “I think I have something like that in my files, I could upload it to Salsa…”, then I hope you will go for it!

Indeed, that is the best way forward!

If any reader feels up to the task, please lead the way!