Question about using a USB stick plugged into FreedomBox for additional storage space?

  • Whether your FreedomBox is plugged into a router at home or not (if not, please specify how it is connected to the internet) - yes it is
  • The month and year you bought your kit (feel free to omit if you want to preserve some privacy, but this could be helpful information) - I purchased the kit last month.
  • The version of FreedomBox your are running (available by clicking on the “?” in the top menu → “About”) - bullseye 21.9

I was wondering if using a external USB to provide additional storage should the USB stick be formatted ext4 so FreedomBox can access it for additional storage space?

Also after plugging it in, is there anything that needs to be done? i.e in regards to fstab or is it this done automatically?


It’s currently not possible, or at least not straightforward. See issue #2054.

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Thanks for the reference.

This made me find the tip in FreedomBox/Tips and Tricks - Knowledgebase about btrfs.

Besides that it makes the external USB device (whatever it is) impossible to remove, is there any drawback? At least, it looks rather straightforward to me (you have to go to a shell, but only once).