Quasselcore how can i change the User Password

after I deleted my google account i made a Factory Reset on my Smartphone. I lost the User Password (and the Certificate?) for Quassel and cannot connect to the Core. How can i change the User Password or add a new User?

Freedombox is behind a Router with managed Ports
Bought the Box last Summer (2019)
Updated Version 19.20

Maybe my Question was certainly too unprofessional :blush:
After I didn’t find a way to change the password I uninstalled Quassel

sudo su -
apt install sqlite3
echo "delete from plinth_module where name=‘quassel’ ; " | sqlite3 /var/lib/plinth/plinth.sqlite3
apt purge quassel

and after that installed normally from FreedomBox interface. Quassel is running again. In the Freedombox Manual i found Information about a “create admin user page” which I can not find in my Quassel Client ( Version: v0.13.1 ).
Btw …did anyone else have problems with the WIFI after the update to 19.21? I couldn’t connect. After I switched off BIND and reloaded the firewall, the connection could be re-established. After that I was able to activate BIND again

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Sorry this took a while, everyone was a bit busy. For changing the Quassel user password please try as admin user:

sudo -u quasselcore quasselcore --configdir=/var/lib/quassel/ --change-userpass=<username>

More information is available on Quassel wiki.

We have pretty much no changes related to Wi-Fi in 19.21 release to the breakage is unusual. Are you using shared more in Wi-Fi to make your FreedomBox an access point? The shared mode starts its own DNS server which may conflict with BIND. This is a known problem and that we intend to address.