Proposal: Welcome message for first-time contributors

In our Progress Call on September 14, we agreed that one way to improve contributor recruitment is to post a personal message on Salsa whenever someone makes their first contribution. I am posting a draft message for us to send to first-time contributors on GitLab.

Content of the Message

Hello! My name is Danny, and I work at the FreedomBox Foundation. I noticed that you’ve made your first contribution to FreedomBox. Welcome to our community! Since you’re new, I want to make sure that you know about all the resources and support we offer our contributors. Check out our Welcome page for all the basic information about contributing and for the contact info of our core team:

We’re all excited that you’ve decided to get involved in our project! Please do join one of our upcoming progress calls and introduce yourself. We’re all here to help you, so don’t hesitate to reach out to members of the core team!


Sending procedure

Danny will send this message to first-time contributors using these procedures:

  • gitlab: post as a comment, format in a collapsable way
  • forum: post as a private message within discourse

I probably will only send this message to forum first-time contributors if they post something development-related. I wouldn’t want to send it to Pioneers who are simply asking for support.


I changed the message based on Joseph’s feedback. This is the message I’d like to begin sending to first-time contributors.

I think there’s no need to post the message in a collapsible format at this size. I suggested collapsing the various sub-headings in the long-form message we had earlier.

I like the approach of making it a wiki page. It can be bookmarked for easy reference and also improved over time.


I have made a few minor changes to the Wiki page, please review.

Looks great, thanks for making the changes.